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This home study course utilizes cutting-edge theory and practical information developed by sport conditioning industry innovator Peter Twist to help you understand and apply the principles of stability and rotary power into your training design. The core is best developed with a focus on whole body closed kinetic chain stability and rotary power to create a center for movement and force transfer. For dynamic performance and injury prevention, your core stabilizes to allow powerful leg and arm actions, leads into turns, absorbs stopping actions and regulates balance. Using the Bosu® Balance Trainer, Medicine Ball, Smart Toner™, Free Weights and a Stability ball. Includes: Workbook, Sport

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the Sport Core course, the coach will be able to:

  1. Understand the theory behind Sport Core Training
  2. Demonstrate the ability to execute the skills taught in Sport Core
  3. Be Competent in implementing Sport Core Concepts into your athletes training

Course Procedure

Study Guidelines The purpose of this home study course is to provide you with the opportunity to improve your competence in the field of sport conditioning. In order to get the most out of this course and this process, it is important that you take the time to review the information provided, learn and practice the skills and drills included and take adequate time to truly grasp all aspects of Sport Core.

Best Use of the Resources The Twist Sport Conditioning Series DVD: Core Power™ is your primary resource. Use the Workbook as your coach to facilitate your self paced study. The Workbook guides you through your study of the DVD and assists in your full understanding of the drills presented as well as a full demonstration of proper use of the equipment.

Online Quiz
1. Follow the instructions found in your home study package to access this Quiz online.
2. Select the most appropriate answer to all 15 questions and record your answers on the grid provided online
3. The Quiz questions are based on Twist philosophies and are taken directly from the content found in the Core Power™ DVD and Twist Conditioning Sport Core DVD Home Study Course Workbook.
4. A passing grade on this Quiz is 80% or higher (12 or more correct answers).
5. Successful candidates will receive a grade along with their Certificate of Completion.

Course Content