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Sport Core

Actively training the ‘Core’, is a necessary part of any athlete’s strength and conditioning program. Power is generated from the hips and pelvis, upon which all of the core muscles -the abdominals, spinals, and pelvic girdle attach. Increased core strength results in greater stability of the pelvis and spine and improves body control and balance, and results in the efficiency of any movement. When athletes are able to move with increased efficiency, overall performance improves. Sport Core, one of 5 DVD’s in The Twist Sport Performance Series places its focus on training the body’s core muscles through a dynamic vs. approach. All sports utilize dynamic, multi-planar and multi-directional movements. All of these exact movements are more efficiently developed when core strength training and multi-directional exercises are combined.

In Sport Core, you will learn the secrets of

  • Active Core Training using balance and strength training tools including  the BOSU® Balance Trainer, Medicine Balls, SMART Toner™  resistance tubing, free weights and stability balls.
  • Learn progressive Core Strength training drills applicable to young athletes, everyday clients and advanced athletes.

Sport Core training aims to:

  • Improve your performance
  • Decreasing your risk of injury
  • Increase full body strength & power

Course Procedure

This is NOT a course- but a streaming 45min DVD for educational purpose.  Click on the WATCH icon at the bottom of this screen.

Course Content

Twist Sport Core