Trigger Point Performance Therapy- MCT Course - North Vancouver, BC - June 16, 2013

Date: Sunday, June 16, 2013 Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Location: Twist North Vancouver (12-1225 East keith Rd, North Vancover, BC)




This hands-on course will allow you to take your knowledge of Trigger Point Performance Therapy to the next level by implementing Myofascial Compression Techniques into your daily routine. Our experts will define and work through six major areas of the body that we feel are key players in the human biomechanical chain. We will then build upon this U6 foundation by targeting other specific areas, resulting in even greater efficiency of movement.

You will additionally learn to:

    •    Identify six key areas that define biomechanics the most
    •    Demonstrate Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT) with clientele
    •    Enhance elasticity within the muscle, thus improving overall biomechanics
    •    Recognize improvements in tissue pliability and response through balance, range of motion, and posture tests
    •    Introduce clients to the products, manipulations, and education regarding Trigger Point Therapy

To take this course, you will need to purchase a Trigger Point Performance Therapy U6 Kit.  These can be purchased at a discounted rate for the course through 360 Conditioning: 

Available Course Credits


Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in the course.
  2. View the course content.
  3. Take the test. (You must score 80% to pass. If you do not pass, you may retake the test.)
  4. Print your certificate of completion.