Twist Sport Conditioning- Agility, Quickness & Reactivity Online DVD

Online DVD- 45min





Agility Quickness & Reactivity For Sport and Life

Agility is being able to change one’s body positions quickly and efficiently, in movements that require rapid changes in both direction & velocity. Follow the drills and techniques in this  45 minute DVD and learn the time honoured, athlete proven methods of training agility effectively and efficiently for increased performance in your Sport and in Life. Coached by Peter Twist, you will learn the precise set up, execution and coaching cues for each agility exercises, guaranteed to make you and your athlete’s and clients a master of quick direction changes and maker of game changing plays!

Agility training aims to:

  • Increase movement efficiency
  • Reduce one’s risk to injury
  • Increase endurance
  • Decrease recovery time

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Course Content

Agility, Quickness & Reactivity